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All About The Owners


I am Sandie. My daughter Alexandra (aka Alex), my sister Teresa and I are the faces, passion and “DREAM” behind Unplug & Paint Resale. Our vision is to get Adults & Kids to Unplug from their electronic devices and paint, create, connect, converse, refurbish, relax and resell. 

My husband and I were shopping at Ace Hardware in December 2020 when I noticed a “FOR LEASE” sign on this building. After a few days of discussing the possibility, I called the number on the sign. We toured the space and the ideas started flowing. It needed a lot of TLC, so my family rolled up their sleeves and got to work. My family motivated me when I was ready to call it quits. We filled the finished store with furniture from Teresa’s “treasure” hunts and items my niece and sister-in-law made. The three of them started the adventure! 

Alex maintains the inventories, social media/website and maker signups. We have added Dixie Belle Chalk Paint, Rada Cutlery, Beer City Dog Biscuits and The Candleberry Co. to our product line. We now have over 40 makers on display and classes for Dixie Bell painting. We also constructed a Splatter on Canvas room. We offer free instruction for the Dixie Belle products that are purchased. Our mission is to offer a variety of makers for our customers. We hope to reach over 80 soon.

We look forward to meeting you!

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