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Meet The Makers

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Clare Baker

CB Crochet


Clare Baker is a Clawson resident and mom of three.  She discovered amigurumi (the Japanese art of crocheting small stuffed yarn creatures) in 2020 and has never looked back!  She has since grown this hobby and passion into a small business and she hopes you enjoy her creations.  Check out more of her work on Instagram @cbcrochetusa


Lora Diehl

Vintage Deals

  I’m Lora.  I have had a lifelong passion for jewelry, I had taken a jewelry class where I become quite intrigued with vintage beads, I had some items that were broken and I haven't wore in long time, so I started to make items out of old broken jewelry, I also have vintage sterling silver items, hard to find items - almost all of the sterling silver items are from the 80's. The workmanship we just don't see anymore. The beaded items are one of a kind.

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Jen Shaffer

MIWoodland Creations
We started out making holiday gifts for friends and family many years ago using items we collected while on our excursions into the wilds of Michigan. In 2016 we started our Etsy shop, did a couple farmers markets and have now expanded to doing 9 holiday craft shows a year and retailing in 3 local Detroit brick and mortar stores!

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Katharine Wells

Highland & Heatherwood Designs
Katharine is a Clawson resident and also enjoys working in Youth Services for a local school district. She made her first project, a small rocks camping tumbler, for her father whose Parkinson’s Disease made it impossible for him to grasp most cups. She decorated it with family pictures to brighten his spirits. After her father passed, working with epoxy and resin became a therapeutic outlet. Making gifts for friends, family, and coworkers became a source of great joy during a time of grief. Word of mouth spread and Highland and Heatherwood Designs was officially created. Highland & Heatherwood Designs uses Food Grade Epoxy that is made in the USA. All vinyl is also received from a Michigan supplier. It is our pledge to try and support other local business and distributors whenever we can!

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Michael McIntosh

Mike's Woodworking
My name is Mike McIntosh and I am the owner of Mike’s Woodworking.  When I retired from being a finish carpenter I began woodworking to fill my time and was immediately sucked into it.  Currently I am making a variety of bowls, platters, jewelry boxes, and more. I love mixing different species of wood to create unique pieces.  I also make custom items, so if you are looking for a specific size, shape, or species of wood.


Joanie Ugelow

Joanie's Pottery
Joanie Ugelow taught social studies and English in junior high, retiring in 1990. During this time she enjoyed doing low fire ceramic work. Her pieces feature leaves,texture, and a wide variety of colored glazes. Stoneware clay lends itself to the building of a great variety of objects both functional for cooking & serving food, containers for fresh flowers and plants, also decorative. Adding bits of glass to the final glaze is her new challenge. 
Taking a piece of clay and creating it has both challenge and joy. The shapes,techniques and colors are endless.

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Yvonne Massenberg

It's Only Squash
My name is Yvonne Massenberg and I am the brain behind It’s Only Squash. I am married, we have a son, a daughter in law and 2 grandkids. I have a love for embroideries. My favorite things to stitch on are Kitchen Towels, Table Linens, Bath Towels, and Bed Linens. Unique designs, and personalization's in home décor, I think, add a special touch of elegance.  I put a lot of forethought in my embroideries and I hope that it shows through in my finished products. I absolutely love what I do, and I love it when others love it too!

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Kerriann Koss

Mugs & Other Jugs
I’m Kerriann of Mugs & Other Jugs. Based in Huntington Woods, I make 100% soy wax candles and wax melts. For the last 6 months I have been working very hard to make this my only work, and I’ve really enjoyed doing so. I have also recently begun to offer candle making classes so keep an eye out for those at Unplug & Paint in the near future or inquire about at-home candle classes!”


Diane and Wayne Kopanski

Orchard Trail Woodwork
Diane and Wayne met when they both were in the Marine Corps in California and they were married in 2003. After they got out of the Marines they moved to Louisville, Kentucky where Wayne was a police officer and Diane worked for the PD and was a 4th grade teacher. In 2015 Wayne was offered a job with the US Army here in Michigan and the family made the move up here. We started wood working as a side job during the many hours at home during the pandemic and we are hoping to grow into a much larger business. Wayne and Diane have two high school age children.

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Cindy Prindle-Sklar

Happy Cat Toys
I am Cindy and have had the privilege to love and be owned by many a cat. They bring joy, happiness and purpose to my life. So I wanted to repay that joy back to them. In 2007, I started making cat toys. My goal was to make as many cats happy as possible. For two years I made and donated toys to rescues and shelters. The cats thought they were purrfect. In 2009 I decided to make it into a small business called Happy Cat Toys LLC. To this day, I still provide local shelters and rescues with my toys and participate in cat and dog charity events. I even donate to caregivers of feral cat colonies. Ferals need fun in their lives too. In making the toys, safety and quality is my utmost priority. I keep them fun with generous portions of an excellent quality catnip that is ground extra fine. I have many colorful patterns to choose from. My tag line is "Purrfection...One Toy at a Time. For the craft shows I attend, I also make a variety of themed and embroidered pillowcases in addition to plastic bag organizers. Thank you for your time and I hope to make your kitties happy too. Your cat will thank you!

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Nellie Bert

Two Mums

 My Name is Nellie Bert and the owner of “2 Mums”. I started my love of creating things when I was just a little girl. I can remember gifting “yarn sticks”  to my 1st grade teacher and feeling so proud of my “masterpieces”!  I’ve always had a creative side, but it wasn’t until I became a Girl Scout leader that inspired me to utilize recycled materials for many projects. This is where a deeper appreciation  for the environment and nature began and has inspired me to apply my love of crafting and creating through upcycling.


Melina Bronfin

I am Melina of Sunny Squirrel Farm LLC founded in 2020. Originally from Germany I moved to Oak Park 10 years ago  I'm a community herbalist, Master Gardener and Master Rain Gardener. My days are filled with being a Mom, attending Herbal Medicine School and other classes and creating items prepared from my sustainably grown herbs such as jams, dried herbs, herbal salt and teas, herbal candy, cold season remedies, elderberry syrup, healing salves and various tinctures as well as plants and seeds. Follow me in my FB page Sunny Squirrel Farm LLC for regular updates.


Cynthia S.

Ceramic's Maker


Melena T

The Glass Beavers


AnnMarie M

Iconic Gifts of Art


Dennis C

DDCook Designs
Industrial Metal Art

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